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Stressed Woman


  • Struggling with feeling overwhelmed?

  • Is your anxiety at an all-time high?

  • Are you questioning how to manage life responsibilities and take care of yourself?

  • Do you recognize that some of your unresolved past traumas are impacting your life today?

  • Are you looking for support as you navigate a transition in your life?

 Young Woman Contemplating

If you answered yes, to any of these questions then you have reached the right place. Renew Reflections, LLC is a Georgia telehealth provider that assists clients in exploring past and present stressors and developing strategies to manage life more effectively. 

For more information, contact us at: (678) 941-0338 or

email us at:

Melanie Anderson, LCSW

I am a Telehealth provider

  • Individual therapy

  • Group Therapy


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